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Life Coaching Services

Mindlogos assists you in having a better life and/or business. We do this by employing a life coaching a number of techniques, including the "Jumpstart the star that you are" program. Why get coached?

Why is this helpful?

When you do what makes you happy, you excel. The challenge for many people is “finding” the life that you want. Mindlogos helps you self-actualize or at the very least help you discover yourself more fully.

When you excel for the people you work for (clients and employers) – in other words, when you exceed their expectations – you are able to focus on your strengths and be forgiven for your developmental areas. You virtually become an untouchable star.

Imagine a workplace or living space where “you” control the stress levels because if you’re not happy and content, the people who pay your bills won’t be either.

Many levels of Involvement are available

By working via excellence, rather than boredom and fear, you will create a better life and/or business for yourself.

We offer many levels of involvement at Mindlogos: Business, Coach, Individual, or Visitor, and quality-packed benefits. Find out how we do this.

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